C# Junior Developers

Bengaluru, India

About the position

You will be working with developing new and improving existing features for our award winning file encryption software AxCrypt. Depending on skill set and interests you will also be involved in1st and 2nd level end user support, DevOps, release management, regression testing and UI and UX design.

Preferred Qualifications

  • BE or B Tech or higher in Computer Science or equivalent experience

  • Experience in C# development

  • Good written and spoken English


The successful candidate will have good or excellent skills in several, but not necessarily all, of the following technologies and tools:

  • Xamarin Forms

  • Windows Forms

  • WPF

  • XWT

  • .NET async and .NET multithreading

  • REST Web API

  • Cryptography

  • Visual Studio 2015 or newer

  • Git

  • iOS or Android development


  • IIS

  • Windows Server

  • Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

  • VueJS

Personal Qualities

AxCrypt is a very advanced encryption platform used by very normal people to protect their files against disclosure. It must be stable and trustworthy to a very large degree. You have:

  • An agile and analytical mindset

  • A high degree of attention to detail

  • A drive to write high quality clean code

  • A strong will to collaborate

  • A creative approach to problem solving

  • A wish to make hard problems look easy or even go away


To apply, send your resume with personal letter to

P.S. Don’t skip the personal letter, we’d love to hear more about you and why we should have you on our team!

About AxCrypt

AxCrypt is both the company and the product.

The company is a Swedish company with offices in Bengaluru, India. Read more about us at

The product is a world-class award winning file encryption software with millions of users on all major desktop and mobile platforms. We are using the Microsoft / Xamarin / C# / .NET technology stack, but will use the tool best suited for the task. Up to 90% or more of the code is shared between all platforms ranging from iOS to the web. A large part of the core code and the entire Windows Desktop application is open source, available on request.

Being a developer at AxCrypt means working in a small company with many technologies, on allplatforms. This is a unique possibility to learn about cross platform development with C# and Xamarin. You will be working with modern technologies and modern agile development methods in central Bengaluru.

AxCrypt is an exciting opportunity to work with advanced encryption technologies and gain experience in one of the most rapidly expanding technology segments.

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