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You can encrypt and decrypt files on your Android phone, iPhone or tablet from anywhere and at any time. AxCrypt mobile encryption supports both Android and iOS. AxCrypt supports Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive File encryption on iOS and Android . Local Storage encryption is available only on Android for now. Other cloud drives, such as iCloud and others, will be supported in the upcoming releases

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Latest AxCrypt Features Encryption AxCrypt is encryption with no backdoors. Without the password your files are lost. Do not forget your password! Always keep proper backups of important files, encrypted or not.
Latest AxCrypt Features SHA-256 This is the only official download site for AxCrypt. Look up SHA256 hash here.
Latest Axcrypt1&2 Features Keep in mind that if you install AxCrypt 2 and open old files, these files will no longer be possible to open with AxCrypt 1.
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