Security, reliability and simplicity

Client’s information and company deals are also stored safe and secure from prying eyes.

Legal Secrurity

Teamwork, collaboration

The exchange of a large amount of data is simple and easy. It assures the security of electronic commerce transactions over the Internet for example making it possible to transmit credit card numbers. Use master key, a feature which enables business administrators to recover files of the business members, eliminating the risk of losing access to critical files due to employees leaving or forgetting their passwords.

Team Work

Cloud storage awareness and password management

The volume of data traffic has significantly increased. Information travels regularly to different network domains, as consumer banking relies on different endpoints to interact and has adopted a multi-cloud environment. Access all your documents and synchronize them on your devices while protecting your files from costly data breaches.

Storage Management
Without encryption, you and I wouldn't be able to do our banking online. We wouldn't be able to buy things online, because your credit cards - they've probably been ripped off anyway, but they would be ripped off left and right every day if there wasn't encryption.
— Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Data protection regulation compliant

Compliant with domestic and international regulations that companies should and must need, it bypasses breaches every time the market fluctuates, displays company’s relevant information when internal controls occur as only approved individuals have access to it and sidestep the considerable fines associated with non-compliance.

Data protection


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