Security, reliability and simplicity

End-to-end encryption is one of the best, most efficient and most practical ways of ensuring that customers’ data is secured from anyone, including the tech companies themselves, so nobody other than the owner can access it. Security and productivity are glued to one another. It is equally important that visibility across the security infrastructure doesn’t compromise performance and accordingly decrease productivity. With our 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, AxCrypt increases data security and reduces risks of breaches by implementing a user-friendly and easy to use encryption software.

Legal Secrurity

Teamwork, collaboration

Nowadays, the lack of transparency and clarity and how big corporations handle data turns into data chaos and brings deep complexity and inefficiencies for businesses. Your private information ends up being tracked and cripeled. With AxCrypt we ensure an absolute privacy-safe work environment and strengthen trust within your community and beyond. Welcome to a new digital world. Your data is fully encrypted on our platform, so even if our servers are hacked no one could read your data. We are compliant to the GDPR and work constantly on implementing workflows and processes related to encryption and handle data under the Swedish Privacy Laws. AxCrypt allows secured files to be opened by other AxCrypt users with their own password. Exchanging excrypted information is easy, fast and riskless.

Team Work

Cloud storage awareness and password management

Automatically secure your files/documents on multiple cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive manage the access to your passwords seamlessly wherever you are. All information is available to all members involved in treating the patients.

Storage Management
Top solution. There [is] some sensitive information (personnel files, board information) [that] needs to be better protected within the organization. AxCrypt allows [us] to transfer this type of sensitive information by e-mail and to store this information on company drives. Once installed, AxCrypt is perfectly usable for all stakeholders involved. Different security groups (HR/Board/...) could be created.
— De Pryck, CEO, Contec CVBA

Data protection regulation compliant

Adopting encryption is an excellent step for tech-services firms, as it adds security and the ability to comply with a growing number of regulations. Especially since the volume and percentage of encrypted data will only continue to grow.

Data protection


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