February 24, 2023

Advanced Encryption Standard Vs Data Encryption Standard.

What is an AES encryption?

AES or the Advanced Encryption Standard is a cipher, which is a way to both encrypt and decrypt data. There's a significant probability that your data will be encrypted by some type of AES cipher, such as the AES 256, 192, or 128 -- whenever you transmit files through secure file transfer protocols like HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, OFTP, or AS2.

What is DES encryption?

Data Encryption Standard is what it stands for. The DES algorithm can be cracked using specific devices. A key with a 56-bit size is used by the DES algorithm. The DES creates a block of 64-bit cipher text using the 56-bit key after receiving a block of 64-bit plain text as an input.

Although both AES and DES being the encryption algorithm to encrypt data, there are significant differences between the both, in terms of their working principles, their core functions, their key sizes and their speed and security performances.

Difference between AES encryption Vs DES encryption.

Why DES is no longer effective? .

For any cipher, the most basic technique of attack is brute force, which includes attempting each key until you locate the appropriate one. Finding the right key would take a maximum of 256, or around 72 quadrillion, attempts due to the effective DES key length of 56 bits. This is insufficient for the DES data protection against computerized brute-force attacks. Before AES was used to replace DES, there were probably not many messages that were susceptible to this kind of code-breaking attempt. However, even before DES became a standard, many security experts believed the 56-bit key length was insufficient. So, it’s no longer effective.

Why AES replaces DES?

Although the AES data encryption technique is more theoretically sophisticated and attractive, its main advantage is the availability of different key lengths. AES is exponentially more secure than DES's 56-bit key since it lets you select a 128-bit, 192-bit, or 256-bit key. Because key size affects encryption strength, DES became obsolete due to continual advancements in computing technology.

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