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Educational institutions today are increasingly digital, extensive, and accessible, with more universities, colleges, and schools experiencing a rapid surge in the volume of sensitive data they handle. From students' personal information and academic records to groundbreaking research documents, educational institutions today have a substantial amount of sensitive data to care for. 
However, this expeditious shift towards digitalization within educational institutions has also exposed them to new vulnerabilities and risks to their data.

In 2020, education was the most targeted sector among data breaches. A devastating data breach could potentially  lead to severe ramifications for educational institutions. Not only could it jeopardize the confidentiality and privacy of students, faculty, and staff, but it can also result in financial losses, damage to the institution's reputation, and legal repercussions.

Data encryption as a shield to cyber attacks

Data and file encryption acts as the first line of defence against data breaches and cyber attacks, recommended by renowned institutions and organisations like NIST, IBM, and Microsoft. Data encryption plays a critical role in enhancing data security and privacy in the education industry.

The encryption mechanism, using an encryption algorithm like AES, essentially transforms the contents of any file into an unreadable and indecipherable format, making it inaccessible to unauthorised users. Only authorised individuals with access to the decryption key can reverse the encryption process and gain access to the file's contents.


AxCrypt for your university, college, and school

AxCrypt is an award winning file encryption software that protects sensitive information of your universities, colleges, and schools using the AES-256 algorithm! Educational institutions can use AxCrypt to encrypt and protect student records, financial information, and research documents.

AxCrypt ensures that this information remains encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals, safeguarding student privacy and protecting from data breaches.

AxCrypt is trusted by renowned universities and academic institutions around the world, and is highly recommended as the preferred choice for robust data encryption.

Prominent universities such as Frostburg State University actively use AxCrypt as their main data encryption solution in their IT department.


”AxCrypt makes it simple to encrypt and share files, while still having the option for IT to use a Master Key if someone forgets their password.”

- Lori Bennett Director of IT Security, Frostburg State University


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Different Use Cases with AxCrypt

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Protect Student Records

Secure student records, educational documents, and course material.

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Safeguard Research Papers

Encrypt innovative research documents, collaborate with the highest security standard.

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Control Access

Manage and control who has access to the protected files with centralized management.

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