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Professional Use

For companies and organizations.

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Master Key

Enable business administrators to recover lost files

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Business Admin

Manage your AxCrypt Business account, create subscriptions, change your company info, etc

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Dedicated Account Manager

Direct contact with our salesperson/account manager.

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Business Support

Priority support for business users.

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AES-256 Encryption

Extra strong encryption

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Key Sharing

Allow other users of AxCrypt to open secured files with their own password

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Mobile Encryption

Encrypt and decrypt files on the phone, from anywhere and at any time

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Cloud Storage Awareness

Automatically secure an AxCrypt folder in Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive etc

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Secured Folders

Automatically secure new files in designated folders with a single click

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Include Subfolders

Operate on all subfolders with Secured Folders and other operations

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Password Management

Keep all your passwords and other secrets safe in our cloud

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Password Generator

Generate strong but relatively easy-to-remember passwords

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File Wipe

Safe removal of files

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Anonymous File Names

Hide the names of your secured files

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AES-256 Encryption

Your passwords are encrypted with the strongest algorithm.

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GDPR compliant

Your data is safe and regulated with stringent data laws.

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Offline and Exports

Access your data offline and securely export in .csv format.

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Unlimited Passwords

Save an unlimited number of passwords, cards, and notes.

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Multiple Devices

Sync across unlimited devices, including phones & web.

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Strong Passwords

Generate super strong and complex passwords for sites.

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Secure sharing

Securely share encrypted passwords, card details, and notes with multiple people.

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Open Shared Keys

Open files secured by other team members

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Community Support

Support via user community forums

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View encrypted files

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Account Key Backup

Backup personal account key pairs

...and a lot of others


Small download.

Convenient to use

Passwords are remembered in a session.

Windows compatible

Windows Vista/2008/7/8/10 32- and 64-bit compatible.

MacOS compatible

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later.

Standards based cryptography

Only uses well-researched cryptographic algorithms and modes of operation.

Data integrity verification

Secured files cannot be modified without detection.

Automatic file updating

Automatic update of the secured file after open and save.

Local device security

Shredding of all temporary and encrypted plaintext files.

Large file support

Support for files larger than 4GB.

Easy installation and use

No options and simple user interface, with Windows Explorer integration.

Fast download and upload

Intelligent optional compression.

Metadata retention

Retains original file name and information of a secured file.

Brute force resistant

Dynamic brute force counter measure - iterative password wrapping making attacks even harder.

Scripting enabled

Extensive command-line interface for scripting and programming.

Open source

Open source under GNU General Public License.

File wipe

Safe removal of files.


User support via email, forum and second level support via chat.

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