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AxCrypt is made and marketed by AxCrypt AB, Birger Jarlsgatan 58, 114 29 Stockholm, Sweden, company registration number 556967-6181, EU VAT registration number SE556967618101.

AxCrypt AB provides downloadable software and online services collectively called “AxCrypt” for protecting confidentiality using strong encryption. We do so under these no-nonsense terms, avoiding lengthy legal wording. Legal representatives must interpret the intent and spirit of these terms.

AxCrypt is licensed to you under these Terms of Use. By using AxCrypt, you confirm that you agree with this. You may be an individual or any form of legally recognized organization. Some plans are only available for individuals or organizations.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice. English is the official language of AxCrypt, any translations are only for convenience and never constitute commitments by AxCrypt.

Services Provided

AxCrypt performs local encryption and decryption of files, and server-based encryption and decryption of encryption keys and optionally a password manager.

AxCrypt Plans

AxCrypt provides different types of subscription plans: AxCrypt Viewer, AxCrypt Free, AxCrypt Premium, AxCrypt Password Manager and AxCrypt Business. Plans are offered at our discretion on select platforms.


AxCrypt Viewer is available for all macOS and mobile users, without cost. The plan enables you to view and decrypt files, and to view but not modify data in the password manager.

AxCrypt Free is available for all Windows users without cost with the open-source version of AxCrypt 2.1 that is licensed under GPL, version 3. In addition to the Viewer plan, updating of existing and encryption of new files using AES-128 is supported.


AxCrypt Premium is available to purchase for all private individuals only. Not ideal for professional use.

AxCrypt Premium provides extended features in addition to the Free plan as specified on our Pricing page.

In the case of Premium subscription expired, you will be downgraded to Free or Viewer as appropriate.

Password Manager

AxCrypt Password Manager is available to purchase for all users.

AxCrypt Password Manager provides extended features in addition to the Free plan as specified on our Pricing page.

In the case of Password Manager subscription expired, you will be downgraded to Free or Viewer as appropriate.


AxCrypt Business is available to purchase for companies and organizations only. It provides extended features in addition to the other plans as specified on our Pricing page.It also includes a self-service management system to allocate licenses to members.

If your Business subscription runs out, you will fall back to Free or Viewer as appropriate.

Software License

AxCrypt Free 2.1 for Windows is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later version as published by the Free Software Foundation.

AxCrypt Viewer, Premium, Password Manager and Business are only licensed under these Terms of Use, not GPL. You agree not to copy, modify, edit, adapt, reproduce, or take any actions that could alter our software except as required for normal use. You are not allowed to redistribute or resell AxCrypt unless you are our authorised reselling partner.

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Your Responsibilities

You agree to use AxCrypt only for purposes that are legal, and never in any way that could cause us legal liability or cause problems for others.

If you are not complying with these Terms of Use, we may suspend or end your paid plan without notice.

Personal Information

When you register as an individual, we do not require any personal information from you, except a working email address. For companies and organizations we require an address and ask for an optional EU VAT number.

See our Privacy Policy for details of what and how we process, accepting these Terms of Use also means accepting our privacy policy.

Updates to AxCrypt

We may, without prior notice, modify or update AxCrypt and by continuing to use it you automatically continue to agree to these terms.

Premium, Password Manager & Business Trial

We offer 30 days free trial for the AxCrypt Premium, Password Manager or Business plan for new users. If you don’t like the product you can cancel the subscription before the trial ends. Cancelling the subscription can be done at any time. Doing this will not affect the trial and you will still be able to use all the features that comes with Business, Premium & Password Manager subscription during your trial period. After the 30 days of free trial, we will charge your credit/debit cards if you haven’t cancelled your subscription.

One-time refundable charge

While signing up for the trial, to validate your credit/debit card, AxCrypt will charge you a minimum amount depending on the currency you are paying in. Once the credit/debit card is validated, we will initiate the refund of the charged amount immediately, but depending upon your bank it might take 8-10 business days to reflect in the source of the payment.

Repeated Trials

No individual or entity is allowed to take trials multiples times with same or any different id. If found, that individual or entity would be liable to pay for the services taken additional to first trial taken. If you are not complying with these terms of trials, we are authorised to suspend your plan without notice.


No refund will be provided if you haven’t cancelled your subscription during the trial period of 30 days. Refund will be given only under certain technical circumstances. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify such offers at any time without prior notice.

Payment and renewal

We will provide Premium, Password Manager or Business plan services after receiving payment. Your payment details are never sent to or stored on our servers. Your paid subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period, using the initial payment method. If you want to cancel, you must do so before the end of the current subscription period. You will be downgraded to Free or Viewer version as appropriate after the last day of your current subscription period.

We may change the price of our paid subscriptions at any time, but it will not affect your current subscription period. Price changes will take effect at the start of your next subscription period. You accept the new price by continuing to use your paid subscription after the price change takes effect, or decline it by cancelling before it takes effect.

Cancelling your paid subscription may be done at any time. However, refunds are not offered. For trying out AxCrypt to see if it fits your needs, you get a free month at the start of your initial subscription.

Disclaimer of warranties

The software is provided without absolutely any warranty.

Disclosure to third parties

We will not disclose any information about you to any third parties without your explicit consent, unless required by law.

Disclosure to authorities and law enforcement

In theory, we may be forced by law to disclose information to government authorities. If required by law, we will comply. Such information is by definition limited to what we actually have, i.e. statistics, access logs and encrypted private keys and password manager data. We do not know your password, nor do we know what information you have encrypted, and thus cannot disclose this even if required by law.

It is our belief, although it is probably not tested in the legal system, that we cannot be forced to reprogram AxCrypt in a way that would make it possible to intercept your passwords to disclose your information. If this would happen then, we will do our best within our legal rights to make this known, possibly by shutting down the service as a last resort.

Intellectual property

“AxCrypt” is recorded in the Register of European Union trademarks. We exclusively own all right, title, and interest in and to the software and service, including all associated intellectual property rights.

Our Responsibilities and Liability

We are only liable for direct damages, never indirect damages. If we lose or disclose information, we are only liable for direct costs to recover it, reconstruct it or invalidate it, never for any other costs.

We aim keep our services available at all times, but are not responsible for unavailability due to issues outside of our control. We keep daily server backups up in a separate location.

We are only liable for any damage you can show is due to negligence by us. We are not liable for any inherent weaknesses that may be discovered in the security technology used.

Your information is kept confidential by the use of standardized strong encryption methods, described at Security, Technical Details and in the source code. We do not guarantee that you choose a sufficiently strong password.

We only provide AxCrypt and are never responsible for any illegal or fraudulent actions taken by others using it. As a user, you are entirely responsible for your actions using AxCrypt. We are never liable for damage that could have been prevented by timely backup or caused by forgotten passwords.

Our liability can never exceed the amount paid for the service.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Those websites are only provided to be used as a reference and we are not responsible for any content there.

Dispute and validity

These Terms of Use shall be interpreted under Swedish law. Should you wish to take legal action against us, you must do so in a court of law in Stockholm, Sweden.

The English version of this agreement governs in case of dispute. Any translations are provided for convenience only.

If any part of this agreement is found to be invalid, it does not invalidate any other part of the agreement, and the new interpretation must be as close to the original as allowed.

Technical highest priority and priority email support are provided. We do not guarantee to solve all problems.

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