June 22, 2022

Some Common Myths About Encryption

There is nearly 24,000 reported case of a data breach every day. Hacking of hospital records, government records being stolen. Transcripts of education have been made public. Every industry is vulnerable, and every business is exposed. The result can be humiliating, costly at best, and financially debilitating, with possible fines, lengthy lawsuits, and a loss of customer trust. The cybercrime cost is predicted to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025.

This increasing frequency of data breaches emphasizes the importance of encryption as a last line of protection.

What Does Encryption Mean?

Encryption is a process of encrypting data. Many of you may lack a thorough understanding of encryption. It's also not as complex as it appears at first glance. You don't need to be a cryptography specialist to understand or even use encryption. Encryption converts sensitive data into an unreadable format in its most basic form.

There are several widespread misunderstandings concerning encryption, particularly regarding cost, performance, and convenience of use.

Myths About Encryption

Encryption affects the speed of the device

Many people use this as a reason to avoid encrypting their data. But this is just a myth. Encryption can be handled by desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets without slowing down the device. This is attributed to considerable advancements in processing technology in recent years. AxCrypt is a software utility that lets you easily encrypt, password-protect, and secure any file within a few clicks. It uses the strongest 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It is light on computer resources and runs smoothly without slowing your system.

Encryption is far too complicated to deploy

Many users still feel that implementing encryption on their devices necessitates professional skills. This is merely a myth. AxCrypt delivers AES 256-bit encryption, so you won't have trouble installing it. Even if you have an issue during the installation, our customer support team can assist you. Check out our YouTube videos to get started.

Encryption does not improve the security of the cloud.

In many circumstances, storing encrypted data in the cloud is safer than keeping it on-premises, where insiders may have greater access. If you want to keep encrypted data safe in the cloud, be sure you have custody of the encryption keys, not your cloud provider. Find another cloud service if your current one demands you to hand over your keys. AxCrypt is designed to simplify advanced encryption on multiple cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Read more about the AxCrypt cloud encryption feature here.

Only Big organizations need encryption.

It is one of the most widespread Encryption misconceptions. This could be because we only hear about hackers targeting big businesses, which is also untrue. In fact, Small firms and individuals are targeted more than big businesses. According to a survey, small firms target 43% of cyber-attacks. This is primarily due to their systems' lack of fortification–exactly what cybercriminals seek. You still need encryption, no matter how small your company is.

Encryption is expensive

Many individuals and businesses avoid encryption because they believe it will be too costly. Again, this is not true. Some of the encryption software and applications may appear to be expensive at first. However, you must consider the future. It's more of an investment than anything else. Consider the financial impact of a data breach. Think about the lawsuits and your reputation; it might jeopardize your company's future. That is something you do not want to happen.

AxCrypt in Short

There's no excuse not to encrypt now that your major myths have been debunked. AxCrypt is a user-friendly software for encrypting data on mobile devices, computers, and laptops while the data is in use, rest, or in transit. AxCrypt also has various features to meet a wide range of data security requirements.

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