April 9, 2021

Data at rest, at transit and in use - in short

What is data?

Nowadays, data plays a very important role, especially for businesses and organizations. There are different types of data and the data can be outlined into different categories, such as financial data, statistical data or scientific data. Furthermore, data can be categorized into two different subcategories, structured and unstructured data. Structured data can be read and interpreted by humans, i.e. transactional data, personal data or web data, whereas unstructured data is data that computer programs process.

How can it be used, why is data so important nowadays?

Data can be used in many different ways. For example, data collection can be especially beneficial for companies and organizations. The collection of data can be used to gain a better understanding of customers needs, behaviours and churn. The problem is that many firms have too much data and then have issues finding the right data to analyse. Furthermore, data can contain sensitive information that companies or individuals do not want to share with anyone else. Sensitive data that contains your important, private information should be encrypted at all times. Therefore, AxCrypt offers you features that secure your data. These features include, for instance, key sharing, a password manager, password generator and strong AES-256 encryption.

Data at rest, at transit and in use

Data at rest, at transit and in use are part of the three states of data. The different states of data also show different issues of how data can be attacked by hackers. Data at rest is described as data that is not moving around, for instance, when data is stored on a laptop, hard drive, or flash drive. To protect data at rest, it is helpful and beneficial to use AxCrypt encryption. It will protect your stored data in various places, for example, on your computer, in the cloud with AxCrypt´s Cloud Storage awareness, and on your smartphone. If the data is left unprotected, hackers will be able to find a way to get to your data, because data in rest is usually considered to be more valuable than data in transit.

Data at transit is constantly moving through the internet. This includes sending emails, uploading documents to a cloud and browsing the internet. In the transit phase, data is often less secure, making it easier for hackers to get access to your data. Therefore, using AxCrypt encryption is a major advantage when sending data from one network to another.

Data in use refers to active data that is being processed by applications. In the data in use stage the data is more vulnerable and therefore many businesses and organizations are concerned because of the sensitive data that can be accessed by hackers if the data in use is not protected. Moreover, a major problem is that when hackers have access to the random access memory (RAM) it is easier for them to get access to the memory and therefore can decrypt encrypted data at rest. In order to protect data in use, it is important to encrypt the memory, but also to use tools that make sure only validated people can access the data

How to protect your data

There is a constant risk for sensitive data to be accessed by hackers. Whether the data is in transit, at rest or in use, it is important to protect the data. One way of making sure that this data does not get accessed by a hacker is Encryption. Encryption is essential to assure that sensitive data does not get stolen or intercepted by an outsider. More and more businesses and Organizations start encrypting their data before they move it from one network to another. With AxCrypt's key sharing feature, you can allow your colleagues to open secured files with their own password.

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