November 23, 2023

Don’t Let Hackers Roast Your Sensitive Data This Thanksgiving

How does your Thanksgiving feast menu look this year? We hope it includes a delightful array of flavors and dishes! Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and of course, delicious food. But amidst all the festivities, it's important to remember to protect your digital feast too – your precious and sensitive data.

Cybercriminals love to take advantage of holidays like Thanksgiving when people are busy and distracted. They'll send phishing emails or text messages that look like they're from legitimate sources, trying to trick you into giving up your personal information or clicking on malicious links.

This Thanksgiving, let's add a dash of cybersecurity to your recipes by adopting simple yet effective measures to protect our sensitive information. Let’s look at some common cybersecurity attacks and techniques that hackers use to get access to your data, and the data security measures that you can use to proactively secure your sensitive files.

Different Ways Cyber Attackers Take Control of Your Data

Watch Out for Phishing Turkeys

Thanksgiving is a prime time for cybercriminals to serve up deceptive emails or text messages, disguised as invitations or offers from known sources. These phishing attempts often lure recipients into revealing personal information or unwittingly clicking on malicious links. Stay vigilant and cautious, verifying the authenticity of messages before sharing sensitive information.

Weak Passwords: An Open Door to Intruders

Weak passwords act as an open invitation for cyber intruders, much like a poorly secured entry point in your home. These passwords are easily cracked, allowing unauthorized access to your sensitive data. AxCrypt promotes strong password practices, safeguarding your files with an additional layer of security. With robust password protection, your data remains safeguarded from unauthorized entry attempts.

Unprotected Clouds: A Haven for Data Vulnerability

Your data in the cloud without encryption is akin to leaving valuable belongings unprotected in an open space. Cybercriminals often target unsecured cloud accounts, exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining access to sensitive information.

AxCrypt's encryption extends its protective shield to cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive, ensuring your files are secure, even when stored or shared in the cloud. This protected layer of security offers peace of mind, knowing your data remains shielded from prying eyes, whether stored locally or in the cloud.

The Spoiler: Ransomware Attacks

Imagine a guest who hijacks your kitchen and demands a ransom for control – that's ransomware for your digital world. These attacks encrypt your files, holding them hostage until you pay a ransom. AxCrypt stands as a resilient barrier, ensuring your files remain encrypted, impervious to such extortion attempts, and guaranteeing your data's safety and accessibility.

Security Measures to Safeguard Your Data This Thanksgiving

AxCrypt: The Shield for Your Digital Buffet

Just as you ensure the safety of your home during the holidays, protecting your digital files is essential. AxCrypt acts as a vigilant guardian for your data, employing robust encryption solutions to protect sensitive documents from unauthorized access or cyber threats. The AES-256 encryption algorithm secures your files seamlessly, ensuring their safety without compromising accessibility.

Here’s how to get started encrypting your data with AxCrypt:

STEP 1: Install AxCrypt and sign in or sign up with your account:

STEP 2: Click the ‘Secure’ button with a padlock icon and select the file you’d like to encrypt. You can also drag and drop the files directly onto AxCrypt or use the right-click context menu on any file and select AxCrypt > Encrypt.

STEP 3: Use the ‘Open Secured’ option to open an encrypted file with temporary decryption, allowing you to securely work on them. You can also double-click on any encrypted file to open it.

Using the ‘Stop Securing’ icon on top-left in the main menu strip and selecting the files would permanently decrypt them.

Automatically Encrypting Your Data on Windows & Mac

AxCrypt's automatic encryption feature on Windows serves as the steadfast lock for your sensitive documents. It guarantees protection against unauthorized access, ensuring that confidential files remain shielded from prying eyes. Whether it's treasured family photos or critical work documents, our encryption shields your data from potential threats.

Check out our 3-minute read, step-by-step guide to create an automatic security workflow for your files on Windows.

Safe Sharing with Google Drive and OneDrive

Just as recipes are shared during Thanksgiving, securely sharing files through Google Drive or OneDrive is imperative. AxCrypt's encryption seamlessly integrates with these platforms, preserving the confidentiality of shared documents. With our encryption protocols in place, your shared files remain safeguarded throughout their digital journey.

Here’s how to automatically encrypt files in your Google Drive cloud storage.

Password Manager: Organized and Secured Credentials

Amidst the risks posed by weak passwords, AxCrypt’s Password Manager emerges as a proactive solution. It efficiently stores and organizes your credentials securely, generating and managing complex, unique passwords for various accounts, and secures your card info and sensitive notes.

This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of password-related vulnerabilities, elevating the security of your sensitive information. AxCrypt's Password Manager adds an extra layer of defense, ensuring that your digital assets remain bolstered against potential threats.


This Thanksgiving, revel in the joy of togetherness and culinary delights, while entrusting AxCrypt to safeguard your digital world. Amidst the celebrations, let the assurance of our encryption keep your digital feast as secure as your festive gatherings. Don't let cyber threats spoil the essence of this season; protect your data with AxCrypt's robust security solutions.

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