August 10, 2022

How AxCrypt Adds Value To Your Business

When sensitive data from your business is stored in the cloud, encryption can significantly lower the risk of data theft. With encryption, it is almost impossible to carry out business in a way that prevents the data of your firm from getting into the wrong hands. To keep their data private and secure, regardless of location, corporations are implementing encryption into their cloud data security policies.

Businesses that haven't yet realised the advantages of cloud computing are starting to understand how important it is to have a highly protected network for cloud storage security. Businesses must select who they commit their firm data to after discovering these benefits because there are numerous encryption options available. When you use AxCrypt, we do more than just protect the information about your business. We also ensure that you have an advantage by enhancing your company.

The Value AxCrypt Adds To Your Business

Cloud Security

Everyone is concerned about moving sensitive data to the cloud, and the majority of organisations think that the cloud is risky. However, you may be sure that your data will be secure no matter where it is if you encrypt it before transferring it to the cloud and have access to the encryption keys.

Key Sharing

You can transfer files using the key sharing tool without having to disclose passwords. To give specific coworkers access to specific files, you can exchange file keys with them. The shared file can then be readily viewed or edited. Furthermore, you can instantly withdraw the person's access by unsharing the file.

Master key

Master Key is incredibly secure; it can be thought of as an automatic file-sharing system with the company's managers. Business supervisors are able to get files from other employees thanks to it. This eliminates the chance of losing important files. As long as the business managers maintain a record of the passwords, no papers will ever be lost as a result of employees resigning or forgetting them. Business users are the only ones who can use the master key functionality. To view other business subscription benefits click here. Learn more about the master key function of AxCrypt here

Protects data from third party interference

Sensitive data can be protected by encryption. Because of this, there is less likelihood that spies from the government and criminals will track you. Data can be encrypted while it is being used, stored, or transmitted. If you have access to your encryption keys, you can maintain control over your data even after it has left your building.

Accessible in various devices

Many businesses have struggled to find a solution for safeguarding the data collected and communicated across various devices as digital gadgets have grown in popularity in recent years. All of your data and electronic gadgets are secure thanks to modern encryption technology software, nevertheless.

Team Collaboration

Working with teammates in a secure environment is one of the best features of AxCrypt Business. To avoid any intervention, you can invite your coworkers to communicate and securely share data. Check out our YouTube tutorial for more details on AxCrypt key sharing.

How We Contribute To Your Bottom Line

Implementing encryption is inexpensive: Almost all of the devices and operating systems that we use today have encryption technology built in.

You Can Avoid Regulatory Fines Using Encryption: Confidential data must be encrypted in accordance with some data protection laws, including GDPR and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). When a device or drive is lost or stolen and contains unencrypted data, the company is subject to sanctions.

Consumer Trust Can Be Increased via Encryption: Advertising the fact that your company complies with specific encryption standards could give you a competitive edge in light of the current decline in consumer trust.

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