March 4, 2021

How AxCrypt protects your data

Confidential communication is fundamental for liberal democracies

The ban of end-to-end encryption could be part of a new law enforcement taken by certain governments to disclose illegal behaviors as to ensure national security. Technology companies would therefore have to provide authorities data at rest as data in transit. This includes information stored on a cloud, messages, calls, emails, video conferences etc. With no specific knowledge on how to safeguard their privacy and insure a secure way of communication, ordinary citizens would be the first victims of this authoritative surveillance system.

The privacy of all is essential to safeguard our freedom and therefore confidential communication is fundamental for liberal democracies.

What type of information should you protect?

The most sensitive information to protect includes your bank account numbers, social security number, pin numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords. Financial information is an obvious target. Your full name, address, employment history and medical records are as well considered as personal data and must therefore be kept confidential. Using strong passwords is one way to protect your information online, so avoid using the same, easy-to-crack passwords, no matter how much you love your pet.

Creating good passwords is hard. There are many tips and tricks on the Internet on how to do this manually, and there are also automatic password generators available. Some are good, some are less so. Adopt symboles, numbers and different figures so no one can guess it by knowing. The AxCrypt Password Generator is different. Based on statistical analysis of actual text, it produces strong passwords that are not nonsensical and actually possible to remember and type. Try it out by clicking the button below. You’ll get three suggestions of decreasing strength and complexity.

Today the majority of us rely on this digital world as a great part of our life happens online. New technologies come undoubtedly with a great number of advantages but you have to stay aware of its downsides as well and consequently keep an eye open to protect your privacy and security. All your activities will leave a trace of data. It will be collecte, stored and possibly shared by service providers.

Here at AxCrypt

Keeping your browser secure via encryption software guards online transactions, as it scrambles information sent over the Internet. Our mission is to provide individuals and small teams with encryption solutions that are easier to use than ever before. We’re removing the complexity from the use of strong and proven cryptographic technology.

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