September 2, 2021

PCMag Editors Choice Award

This excellent encryption tool lets you protect your files with top-tier encryption, and it does so with utmost simplicity.” Neil Rubenking, PC Magazine's technical editor

Yet one more time AxCrypt has been honoured with the PCMag Editors Choice Award for delivering the best in class encryption solution. AxCrypt has been awarded “The World's Best Encryption Software'' by PC Magazine for the past six years, and it once again has amazed all by being recognized for producing the best in class encryption solution and receiving the PCMag Editors Choice Award. For complete review read more here PC Magazine offers information technology professionals with reviews and previews of the newest hardware and applications. It is a comprehensive guide to the digital world. Consumers recognise and trust PC Mag's authority, and the editor's choice designations assist consumers in distinguishing and selecting the best product for their requirements.

Encryption Made Easy with AxCrypt

AxCrypt was created over 15 years ago with the mission of providing data security in a reliable and simplest way possible. After all those years the company is still recognised for the most easy-to-use and simple software, making it the most popular encryption program in the world with over 20 million downloads worldwide!

AxCrypt’s mission is to provide individuals, small teams, enterprises and companies with encryption solutions that are easier to use than ever before. By introducing new features, we aim to eliminate the complexity from the usage of strong and proven cryptographic technology. Security, reliability and simplicity are crucial to us. With our 256-bit encryption we make sure that no one ever gets access to your encrypted files, as long as you have control of your own key.

Competitive Edge

A business moat is a major competitive advantage that distinguishes one firm from its competitors. As a result, throughout time, AxCrypt has released a number of additional features like master key, password management, key sharing , file wipe etc in order to continue to thrive and satisfy the needs of its clients while gaining a competitive edge Read more about AxCrypt feature here.

Some of the new features that AxCrypt launched this year are Master Key, new UI which is available on Windows/Mac/Mobile apps and support for Mandarin. Master Key can be viewed as an automatic access of encrypted files with the administrators of the business. It allows business managers to recover files from other members of the company. This avoids the possibility of losing business data. Read more about AxCrypt's master key feature here.

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