January 04, 2022

Toast to another year of being secured!

A quick overview of 2021

AxCrypt wishes you a prosperous start to the year 2022. We’re ecstatic, and looking forward to future updates and enhancements to simplify our software. But first, let's take a look at 2021, and see what we have accomplished so far.

Worlds Best Encryption Software

AxCrypt is multi-award-winning Encryption software. It has been awarded the “The World's Best Encryption Software” by PC Magazine for the past seven years, including this year.
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Affiliate Launch

AxCrypt launched its affiliate program in August 2021. AxCrypt Affiliate Program offers a 25% commission when anyone subscribes through your referral link. Know more

Improved UI and the new version of the Mobile App

We're always working to make our software more user-friendly. We have updated the UI available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and enhanced our Mobile App to make it easier for users to access encrypted data from anywhere at any time.Download now for Android and Download now for iOS

Languages Update

AxCrypt is multilingual, and this year we added Mandarin support. To make the user experience more convenient, we also began publishing our blogs in French.

New Tutorials Videos

To make sure you get the most out of using AxCrypt, we have released new tutorials that will help you get started faster. They cover key features of your account, plus some super handy tips

Testimonials and Industry Segment

We also announced our industry segment in 2021, which helps users better understand how we serve various industries. We understand how vital it is to get a feel of AxCrypt's experience from someone who has used it previously. As a result, we've included additional testimonials this year to help you learn more about our app. You may get more information here

1M Verified Downloads

AxCrypt has hit one of its most significant milestones after years of intense development. In 2021, we surpassed 1 million verified downloads globally.

Sneak Peek into 2022

We will keep working to improve AxCrypt's consistency for both individual users and businesses. We are actively working on additional areas to make our software enjoyable and seamless. We aspire to be better, quicker, and more innovative.

  • PCMag has named AxCrypt as one of the best Encryption Software for 2022.
  • AxCrypt will finally launch the mobile encryption feature for Business and Premium users. Now you can encrypt and decrypt on your Android phone, iOS, or tablet from anywhere and at any time.
  • Look forward to the password manager tool being upgraded. It will also be integrated into the mobile app, allowing you to safeguard your information while on the move.
  • With the improved key sharing function in 2022, individuals will be able to exchange encrypted data with their team members through a mobile app without providing their own passwords.
  • With the evolution of technology and in order to provide a seamless and convenient service with our app, we will continue to work on new designs and UI for mobile and desktop.
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