November 02, 2022

What is a password manager? How secure is password manager software?

At an early age, only a handful of passwords were used by an individual. But now, the era has changed. In this digital era, technology has made our lives easier. From ordering food from a favourite restaurant, business meetings at home, online purchases, etc., everything is now possible just at the click of a button on our smartphones in this online world. As and when our life and tasks have become easier, manage passwords associated with these applications has become an important aspect too. The only complication is remembering passwords associated with all the applications. Each and every application or website requires a password to login. Most of the time, it is impossible to remember them all. In accordance with the Google Online Security Survey, it has been found that more than 50 percent of respondents reused the same password for various accounts, which has made the life of hackers easy. According to records, there were almost 97 million data breaches and cyber security risks during August 2022. Surveys specify that every 32 seconds, a hacker attacks someone online. In accordance with the Verizon Data Breach Investigations report, 80 percent of data breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords. This is where the password manager plays the most important role.

What is a password manager?

When a new account is created, it is mandatory for us to create long and strong passwords. As we use lots of websites and applications nowadays, 90% chances are that we don’t remember all of the passwords we have created. Fortunately, technology has changed and you don't have to remember all the passwords.

Password management tools are applications that help with creation, storing and quickly filling in the passwords when required. They securely store user credentials in cloud or on-premise storage and help users stay secure online by following best practices for creating and managing passwords. AxCrypt password manager generates complex passwords on demand. The tools then link passwords to specific accounts and store them securely in encrypted form. The basic purpose of a password manager is to help us manage our passwords and keep our login details safe wherever we log in. Password managers minimize the risk of the user forgetting the password and the risk of the password being exposed to malicious parties. AxCrypt password management software combines convenience and security at a competitive price, ensuring your online experience in a fast-paced digital world.

Why to use a password manager?

It is impossible for a human memory to hold dozens and dozens of passwords. Most people try to use the simplest possible password, such as “12356789” or “password123” etc. Some remember one great random password and use it for everything. Due to this simple usage of passwords, it is most likely that you might be the latest victim of identity theft. Remarkably, as years passed by, technology has immensely advanced, but more and more data is lost every second.

Password management allows individuals and businesses to store and manage all their passwords in one secure place. Individuals no longer have to remember multiple passwords. The only password a user has to remember is the one master password which is used to open the password manager. A password manager can remember all the infinite passwords for you.

Benefits of password manager:

  • Password memorizing: The major use of password manager is, you just have to remember the master password instead of hundreds of passwords.
  • High security password generation: While using password manager, automatic generated password is created which is random, long, alphanumeric, and nearly impossible to guess. Complex algorithms, encryption and other methods are used to keep your credentials and passwords safe. Strong and unique passwords are generated.
  • Time saving: Apart from creating and storing unique passwords, password manager also automatically fills in credentials, speeding up the process and thus saving time.
  • Cross platform synchronization: AxCrypt password manager is capable of syncing onto both IOS and Android OS. Regardless of the platform, password access is possible using AxCrypt.
  • Adding Information: AxCrypt password manager also has another feature. It helps in not only storing passwords but also additional information like credit/debit card details, secure notes, address fields, contact numbers and more.
  • Secured password sharing:It is not recommended in sending passwords through text, instant messages or email because plain text can be intercepted, or easily found in your messages, inbox or sent folder and can be hacked. Passwords shared using a piece of paper are hard to keep track of or easily lost. Sharing using AxCrypt provides peace of mind to you because your strong and unique passwords reach only to your intended recipient(s), and with the access rights that you choose.
  • Why AxCrypt Password Manager:

    In this IT era, it is crucial to store your data in a secure system, protecting from cyber threats.

  • AxCrypt Password Manager stores all your passwords and documents in a secure private repository, that you can access with one click on all your devices.

  • AxCrypt works on the zero-knowledge principle, which means neither AxCrypt nor anyone else will know anything about your data.

  • AxCrypt generates the strongest 256bit Master Key.

  • AxCrypt warns if you use weak or duplicate passwords.

  • AxCrypt generates a supernumerary, unique secure password that provides 100% protection and provides both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption.

  • Non visible Strongest Master Key phrase generated automatically.

  • AxCrypt technology is so vast that we have password manager for windows, password manager for mac and password manager for mobile phones too.

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