December 22, 2022

Why Industries put their faith in 256-bit encryption?

In modern times, with the advancement in technology, there is a danger of illegal acquisition and dangerous usage of people’s personal data. Someone has said it right, “Data is the new oil”. And a plenty of recent cases of gigantic organizations spying on people's personal data, has brought this issue to the notice of the public.

Some of the most popular cases includes:

For more info refer: Largest online data breaches worldwide 2022 | Statista and the list goes on.These famous cases caught the eyes of the public.

What is 256-bit encryption?

In technical terms, 256-bit encryption refers to the length of the key used to encrypt (lock) and decrypt (unlock) your data. In the process of encryption, the data you chose to encrypt is firstly converted into a ciphertext from its initial stage of plaintext. Furthermore, when the data is attempted to be converted into a human-readable form.

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Why it is considered as one of the most effective form of encryption?

The 256-bit encryption tool is the most popular data security encryption tool in today’s time.One of the biggest reasons why most organizations and people prefer to protect their data using 256-bit encryption is the massive number of combinations that this encryption uses to lock your data safe and away from the hacking forces. In fact, even numerous highest-level government organizations all around the world place their faith in 256-bit encryption for securing their data against hackers because it is believed that the key length size of this type of encryption is so long that even the most sophisticated and highest-level hackers will take trillions of years just to decode the key! This makes the case of the usage of 256-bit encryption for the protection of data of the highest-level officials as well as the common people a very strong one, thus earning the title of ‘military grade encryption

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Who uses 256-bit encryption for safeguarding their data?

To further tilt the case in favor of 256-bit encryption and establish its supremacy over its counterparts, let us have a look at the list of some of the highest-ranking people and the organizations that have put their faith in 256-bit encryption for safeguarding their data against hacking forces.

  • The United States government was the first government to use 256-bit encryption for protecting and safeguarding their data. They approved its usage on November 26, 2001. They lead the way for others to show their faith in encryption and its capability in safeguarding precious and highly-secretive and sensitive information. Astonishingly, the government there has continued to show its faith in this encryption and the government officials still use the 256-bit encryption for safely storing their data away from the prying eyes of hackers.
  • Canada is another country that has regularly encouraged the usage of 256-bit encryption in securing the personal data of the government and the people of the country. The government of Canada has extensively promoted the usage of 256-bit encryption to safeguard the private information of the people. This has brought the country into the limelight as one of the pioneering nations in the fight against the breach of privacy by openly endorsing the idea of encryption of data using 256-bit encryption.
  • The Information and Broadcasting Ministry of the Indian Government, in its order dated February 18, 2022, has restricted its officials from exchanging top-secret documents and information over the Internet without the usage of encryption with the fear of a breach and possible leakage of sensitive information, thus jeopardizing national security. The officials have been guided to use only 256-bit encryption for the exchange of highly-sensitive and confidential information
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