February 11, 2022

Why is encryption necessary in the tech industry?

Increase in cybercrime with digitalization

Telecommunications providers, software developers, and managed security service providers are all part of the IT and communications sector. According to studies, the IT sector was the most targeted industry internationally in 2021. The most popular means of an attempted break-in was via email, with businesses receiving an average of 600 unique phishing e-mails every month. Since the tech industry is the first to adopt new technologies, making it particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to reports, security threats against industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) more than tripled since 2020.

Encryption for Advancement

In 2021, researchers have seen 50% more attacks per week on corporate networks compared to 2020. Companies have discovered encryption as one of the best, most efficient, and practical ways to ensure that their sensitive data is protected from everyone, including tech personnel so that only the owner has access to it. In turn, if hackers gain access to a server and steal a user's data, all they have is an unreadable cache of data. Encryption is critical to personal safety as well as enhancing the company’s overall security.

How can Zero-Knowledge encryption help in data security?

With an increase in ransomware at IT service providers, IT industries can also utilize Zero-Knowledge Encryption for data security which means that no one, but you (not even the service provider) can access your secured data. Even if files are completely encrypted, if the server has access to the keys, centralized hack attacks can result in an unrecoverable data breach. Zero-Knowledge standards enhance end-to-end encryption as it ensures that no one has access to your files and encryption keys in a readable format. It is one of the most secure ways to protect data privacy online.

AxCrypt to the Rescue

AxCrypt is designed to provide advanced encryption in a simplistic manner on multiple cloud storage services such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc. AxCrypt provides AES 256 bit, the strongest encryption, and guarantees that risks are at bay without compromising the company's productivity. AxCrypt also ensures your organization stays compliant with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which concerns the protection of personal data and individual rights. Some of the AxCrypt features make it the best encryption solution for the IT industry.

Password Manager - With the AxCrypt password manager feature you can store all your passwords and codes in our cloud in a secure manner. For more information, watch our tutorial.

Key sharing - It allows secured files to be opened by other AxCrypt users with their own passwords. Users can send an encrypted file via email, which means that the file can only be accessed with a unique key. For more info on the AxCrypt key, sharing check our key sharing tutorial

Mobile Encryption - With the AxCrypt mobile encryption you can secure your data on Google Drive Files and Dropbox with just one click on your iOS and Android devices. Try a one-month free trial: Download for Android or iOS

Cloud Storage - With AxCrypt it is very easy to accomplish data privacy in the cloud. AxCrypt will automatically find what Cloud Storage services are installed on your computer and create an AxCrypt folder there. We make it easy for you to automatically view and keep the files secured on these folders.

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