Technical support

Our resellers (and their customers) can of course rely on professional technical support from AxCrypt. Online we have lots of documentation and product information:

Of course, we always suggest that our Resellers have used AxCrypt themselves before, so that they can help their customers with some basic technical questions. Otherwise we also have a bunch of tutorials that explain various features of AxCrypt. They are available on our YouTube Channel:

Windows tutorials:

MacOS tutorials:

Sales support

As a Reseller, you are responsible for your own sales and how you approach your (potential) customer. But, of course, we would like to assist you with your sales. Teamwork makes the dream work!

For advertisement purposes, and to show to your customers, we have created a presentation and brochure of AxCrypt. It will explain what AxCrypt is and how it can help you to keep your data protected.

Download AxCrypt presentation

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